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Fully Adapted Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome


Wheelchair accessible motorhome are available in the UK where they are fully adapted and accessible. This includes everything from gaining entry to bathing and sleeping. Wheelchair accessible motorhome are specially converted with everything in mind so that nothing is a struggle and make the ideal holiday or weekend away.

> Everything considered - adapted for all your needs
> Available to hire for a week or buy brand new or used
> Entry, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom all accessible

In the front lounge of a wheelchair accessible motorhome adapts are such that the bench seats have removable cushions so that it provides more room and allows for one wheelchair and 4 other seats around the dining room table. Cooking could not be easier, the oven, fridge etc is all wheelchair accessible and can be used from a wheelchair without any issues. For showering you have a full wet room with is adapted in that a hinged wall/door moves out when in use so that there is more room for showers whilst seated in a shower chair. The bed is flexible and can be transfered to from a wheelchair, which often also have pressure relief foam mattresses. There is also a double bed overhead the cabin to accomadate the other passengers, or this can be used for storage.

Photos of a wheelchair accessible motorhome:


The Access:

Wheelchair accessible motorhome.

As you can see the wheelchair access is via an electric ramp which simply lowers to the floor and then takes the wheelchair upto the level. This is more than capable of lifting a 4x4 electric wheelchair.

The Kitchen:

Motorhome kitchen.

The kitchen is wide enough to access in a wheelchair with the correct height oven, fridge and microwave. The table with is on the right of the photo above can seat 4 people plus the wheelchair user.

Wet Room / Shower:

Wet room which is accessible.

The shower and wet room has a specialy made door/wall which hinges out when in use to create a fully water tight larger area so that there is more room for wheelchair access or for use of a shower chair.

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